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Soclal philanthropy as the name connotes would mean and take the form of a social movement, organising the interest of a group for a social change. This includes civil rights, Bio diversity management, women’s equality, climate change issues, consumer rights and LGBT rights.

Venture Philanthropy that we aim to pursue is to associate, provide financial support and also support with tools to measure the success. The output and the outcome of a program must be projected through tools that we support.

We thus believe in providing this platform as a “Social Venture Philanthropy”, the application of a hitherto successful business concept to the social and development sector: a concept which pertains to linking social investment strategies to charity with a clear focus on achieving scalability and sustainability, creating a culture of leadership and altruism at its best.

" NGOs and any volunteer who wants to venture can get in touch with us for financial aid for a good cause. "