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Foster Care

Healthcare in a vast democracy can be achieved only through enduring commitments, multi sectoral collaboration and policy advocacy. We have to work towards improving maternal, new born, child and adolescent health outcomes and seek to reduce inequities in care strength and health system and incorporate resilience and risk informed planning. Maternal health pregnant women would mean that they have quality and respectful care in health facilities similarly for the new born child coverage of facilities of new born and child healthcare (SNCU, MNCU, KMC, NBSU, NICU AND PICU). There is a need to help strengthen initiative such as school, health and wellness, adolescent anemia, mensural hygiene.

Foster Parent Training:

NGOs offer foster parent training, equipping caregivers with essential skills to nurture and support children in need of love.

Child Welfare Advocacy:

NGO offers foster parent training, empowering individuals with skills to provide stable homes for vulnerable children, promoting positive development.

Educational Support:

  • NGO provides vital educational support, fostering learning opportunities and empowering underserved communities to achieve brighter futures through quality education.

Community Outreach Programs:

  • NGO-led Community Outreach Programs empower communities through education, healthcare, and sustainable initiatives, fostering positive change and unity.

System Strengthening

  • NGOs empower communities, bolstering systems for sustainable development. Strengthening education, healthcare, and infrastructure ensures lasting positive impact and resilience.

Focused Area

Family-Based Care

Foster Social Inclusion

Sustainable Impact