“Aariona Foundation” an NGO for Foster Care, Health, Education, Women Empowerment, Community Development and Care Homes for old and geriatricsis established in India benefiting over One Lakh Fifty Thousand children and their families, through welfare projects under the above five activities.

“Aariona” stands on the vertices of these five pillars spread over in Two Hundred villages and slums.

“Aariona” believes that education is both the means as well as the end to a better life. Similarly child care institutions and health of both the young & adolescent women and men, leads to a future society of able individuals, who can stand on their own and be a part of the future social milieu.

As we transform from this 21st Century and beyond, empowerment of women in all parts of social life, leads to equity and equal opportunities amongst gender.

As the country moves towards digitalization and tends to bring about equal opportunities for all, we tend to participate in the communion of ideas amongst children irrespective of financial and economic levels.

With aging population and formulation of nuclear families, there is a need for Care Homes for the old and geriatrics. They need values for their past contributions to the Nation and to the society as well, “Aariona” works to handhold the old and destitute to honour them for their existence.

Phulbani is a tribal hamlet in the western hinterland of Odisha (which is lying on the East Coast of India) with 75% of total landmass covered under forest and it is a natural habitation for aboriginals.
However, civilisation is still a far cry in the remotest corners of this land locked tribal district, where education , health and social equity is quite a distant dream .

The second part of our work is with children to ensure that they get basic education. This will give them the foundation to participate in the formal employment sector and improve their livelihood opportunities and life skills.
By working in the areas of economic empowerment of women and education of children, Kriti works towards the larger vision of eliminating urban poverty.